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Car Vacuum Cleaner (55% Off!)

You don’t call in the cleaning lady each time you spill a drink on the rug or want an immaculately clean house. You do away with her because if you have hands to hold a glass and to get tortilla chips by the fistful, you can very well use them to wield a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Get mad house-cleaning skills with today’s deal: Car Cleaning with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner for P449 instead of P999. Show dust the time of its life not by blowing it away but by sucking it in to join its ilk in the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner’s dust repository. Dust in your car gathers fast because the action of opening and closing doors pulls it in Open Sesame-style, like metal to magnet. Nothing much you can do about that except show them the door in ways available to you, with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner being the most efficient. Dust isn’t the only thing in the dirt family that you have to contend with. Crumbs, too, and cigarette ash, as well as soda spills, so keep the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner handy and stored in your glove compartment. Its specially-designed shape lets you comfortably clean hard to reach areas such as under the car seats. It easily plugs into your car’s lighter receptacle so no need to charge it at home or buy batteries for it.

Worth ₱999

Cellphone Lazypod (48% Off!)

This universal gooseneck mount clip holder with stick on mount is ideal for holding your mobile device car, desk, window shield, dashboard, table, etc. for you to enjoy music and phone games with hands free! The flexible arm can be adjusted to any angle for easy viewing. The swivel clip can be rotated 360 degree which is controlled by the screw. Additionally equipped with a extra large suction cup attaches strongly to the windshield or any smooth, clean and flat surface and can be removed easily. In a word, this unit is nice for home office, travel out using, always let your life more convenient and relax.

Worth ₱499

Children's Educational Toy Keyboard (50% Off!)

Unleash your child’s musical inclination with this educational toy keyboard only from Trends n' Deals! Let your child play to their heart’s content and who knows, they might be the next Mozart or Beethoven! This educational keyboard’s size is just perfect for children and powered by 3 pcs of AA batteries. Go get one now while supplies lasts! .

Worth ₱999

Classic Long Wallet (50% Off!)

You don’t need a fancy wallet to bring everyday. What you need is a dependable one you can bring along on all occasions. This classic brown long wallet does just the job for that and its only P299! It has a zipper to ensure that money won’t just fall out accidentally. The size of the wallet fits just right for the Philippine pesos and the vast majority of bills around the world. You can insert your cards inside the wallet too! Go get one while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱599