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17-in-1 Outdoors Swiss Knife Set (57% Off!)

If you are smart, then never go out of your home again with this 17-in- 1 swiss knife. This Swiss knife contains almost all the blades and utilities you might need when you embark on your journey on the outside. It is small enough to fit in your pocket, strong enough to withstand a lot of abuse and lightweight at only 186 grams. You’ll never know when you need a knife until you actually need it, so go get one now, at a great great price of P299 only!

Worth ₱699

18-in-1 Wallet Ninja (73% Off!)

Outfit any wallet with 18 useful, everyday tools with the Wallet Ninja! This perfectly flat multi-tool packs six wrenches, four screwdrivers, two rulers, a cellphone stand, a bottle opener, a can opener, a letter opener, a box cutter, and a fruit peeler into a single piece of steel the size of a credit card. Made from 4x heat-treated steel, Wallet Ninja is thinner than two credit cards and will fit into any wallet!

Worth ₱399

2-in-1 Steering Wheel Lock & Self-Defense Stick (46% Off!)

Don’t be a victim of car theft or road rage! Be proactive with this 2-in-1 Steering Wheel Lock / Self-Defense Stick only from Trends n' Deals! On sale for only P699! With criminality on the rise again these days, especially carnapping, you bet you have to protect the car you worked so hard for. And what better way to protect it when the carnapper will have a very hard time driving it away? With this steering wheel lock, you can be rest assured that carnappers will think twice about stealing your car. You can also use this lock as a self-defense weapon on the road where road-rage is becoming more common these days. The ends are made from highly-durable steel and you can use it against your attackers. It is also especially useful when you are in an emergency and you can’t open your door since you can also use this to destroy your car’s mirros so you can get out. For only P699, you can feel safe again that your car won’t be carnapped away! So get one now!

Worth ₱1,299

4 Pcs Car Door Handle Protection Film (67% Off!)

Protect your car from unnecessary scratches especially in the door handle area with the 4 pcs car door handle protection film on sale, only from Trends n' Deals! Save thousands of pesos from car body repairs just by sticking this onto the car door handle area. You know how sometimes other people scratch that area with their fingernails? Problem solved! You know how sometimes people scratch that area with their jewelry? Problem solved also! It will also save you thousands of pesos from your car resale value just by using this! It will also last a good amount of weeks (depending on usage and weather conditions) before it wears off. It is also designed to be water resistant so no worries if it rains. So get one now! Start saving money and retain the beauty of your car!

Worth ₱299