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2-in-1 Back Support and Push-Up Tanktop (50% Off!)

Get your confidence back! Working inside an office or going to school each day makes one’s posture go crooked. Worry no more with this 2-in-1 Push-Up Vest and Back Support! Slouching posture is one of the tell-tale signs of poor confidence. With this product, your back is always in the right position so that you would look confident and at the same time improve your spine’s health. As an added bonus, this product also lifts breasts so that women can achieve that fuller look without needing to buy a push-up bra.

Worth ₱599

2-in-1 Simply Fashionable Brown Bag (44% Off!)

Being fashionable is not a problem each day when you carry this 2-in-1 simply fashionable brown bag only from Trends n' Deals! What great value! For P499 only you get two great items for the price of one!   The bag measures 30cm x 12cm x 28cm and can carry most of your important items such as books, clothes, and even your iPad ! Stocks are on a limited supply and this is fast moving so go get one now!

Worth ₱899

2-Piece Cute Panda Bag Set (50% Off!)

Pandas - the international symbol of cuteness , so adorable and so cuddly-looking, but you can’t bring home a real live one. Get the next best thing! Be the symbol of cuteness that you can be with this 2-piece incredibly cute panda bag set from Trends n' Deals! For only P499 from P999! Get 2 incredibly cute bags – one backpack, one shoulder bag with a super adorable design! Use the backpack for your school or office needs, while use the shoulder bag when you go out with your friends! Go go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

3D Cartoon Drawing Bag (55% Off!)

Nearly as cute as Lil Bub or Tard the Grumpy Cat (look them up!), these Cartoon Shoulder Bags sure do make heads turn; even Katy Perry has been spotted with one! These Cartoon Shoulder Bags are fresh and different, made of cotton and canvas these bags are hard and flat and feature various pockets and zips. A great weekend bag, this will surely fit a tablet and all the useful accessories needed for any situation.

Worth ₱999

Beautiful Leather Brown Bag Set of 5 (45% Off!)

These bags are so beautiful and stylish to look at that you can wear these everyday! It can also withstand the daily grind of everyday use so that it can last a reasonably amount of time. Whether you will go on a casual or a business meeting, there is a bag in this set that will match your need. Get one now as supplies are very limited for this one. Only P1099 for these 5 bags!

Worth ₱1,999

Businesswoman's Brown Bag Set of 6 (60% Off!)

Presenting to you the daily bags set you will definitely use on your daily grind! This Businesswoman's brown bag set of 6 is great for storing your necessities in one go. You get four bags for the price of one!

Worth ₱2,999

Classic Long Wallet (50% Off!)

You don’t need a fancy wallet to bring everyday. What you need is a dependable one you can bring along on all occasions. This classic brown long wallet does just the job for that and its only P299! It has a zipper to ensure that money won’t just fall out accidentally. The size of the wallet fits just right for the Philippine pesos and the vast majority of bills around the world. You can insert your cards inside the wallet too! Go get one while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱599

Creative DIY Beads Set (65% Off!)

Unleash you and your child’s creative side with this cute beads set from Trends n’ Deals! Each package includes hundreds of different kinds of beads which you can form into different kinds of cute jewelries or design motifs. Wear the cutest rings, or necklaces to school, or show off different bracelets each day with your own design! Each set also comes with its own case where you can organize your beads! Imagination is truly the limit here with this creative beads set all your for a sale price of ₱449 only!

Worth ₱1,300