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10 Meter Portable High-Pressure Garden Hose (50% Off!)

Instead of harvesting rain clouds, keep windows and cars cool and clean with this 10 Meter High Pressure Garden Hose with Free Car-Wash Gloves. Remove dirt and dust while avoiding scuffles with the environment. This energy-saving, high-pressure, low-noise hose, makes the spray environmentally friendly and is great for outdoor washing of pavements, cars, glass and windows. It does not utilize any motor, since it increases pressure through a unique scientific principle. It also includes a lock on the faucet so that end of the hose will not be easily removed from the faucet. Its copper head ensures that the product is durable and long-lasting. Best of all, the body of the hose only expands when water passes through it, which allows for saving space.

Worth ₱549

10Pcs Anytime Soaps - 120g each (67% Off!)

Anytime Soaps provide the consumers with the need for a soap that can be used by the whole family that can clean the body of dirt and harmful bacteria, without the harmful anti-bacterial chemicals included in the soap. This helps your skin and body rejuvenate immediately and provides a more supple and smooth skin. It is also wonderfully cheap but of high quality. You simply must try it out to know how good this soap is!

Worth ₱720

3 Cups + Toothpaste Dispenser + Toothbrush Holder Set (40% Off!)

A perfect complement to the growing family’s dental care needs, this set is ideal for your washroom. You can put a handful of toothbrushes on the toothbrush holder so that it won’t be lying around anywhere. This set also includes the three cups for your gargling and mouth rinsing needs. A handy feature of this set is the inclusion of a toothpaste dispenser. No longer will you worry about the uneven squeezing out of the toothpaste. This dispenser makes toothpaste dispensing a breeze and economical. No wasted toothpaste! This product is durable enough that it is guaranteed to last for many years.

Worth ₱499

5-Pocket Arm Rest Organizer w/Table Top (56% Off!)

This 5-Pocket Arm Rest Organizer makes for a welcome addition to a family room couch or chair. With five built-in compartments, this versatile 5-Pocket Organizer stores remote controls, eyeglasses, program guides and other belongings neatly and tidily right at your favorite seat. It also features a table top suitable for food, drinks, note-taking and more. The arm rest grip of this organizer adjusts to fit any size couch or chair in seconds. The convenient table top on this 5-Pocket Organizer is very spacious so you won’t have a hard time fulfilling needs on the table top, such as having room for a glass and plate, bowl or other handy containers and dishes. It is adjustable to fit your specific needs, with evenly spaced and sized pockets that allow you to keep the items you use most organized and on hand.

Worth ₱899