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Arm-Holding Family Mug Set (55% Off!)

Here's a family mug set that would be sure to make you smile! For a family of three or for a couple awaiting their first child, this mug set makes the ideal gift! Included are two full-sized mugs for your morning coffees, and a smaller mug for tyke's orange juice or milk. Childlike smiles printed on each piece give this mug set a unrelenting charm. Place together, the handle arms linked together to paint a picture of a happy family.

Worth ₱999

Cute Korean Thermal Flask (42% Off!)

A flask works great to keep hot drinks warm when one is running late for work or wants to show colleagues their ability to make the best morning coffee. Show off with today's deal: for P349 only, you get a Cute Korean Thermal Flask (P599 value)!

Worth ₱599

Fruit Peeler and Corer (60% Off!)

Eat fruits the easy way! With this super handy device, you can core your way to remove the inedible core of some fruits which are laden with the seeds (ex, papaya), afterwards you can also dig and peel the fruit part out of its skin and enjoy your fruit. You can also core it out if you want to eat it immediately. Item is made from stainless steel material with strong plastic handles which will make it last a lifetime with proper care. A sound investment for your healthy eating activities!

Worth ₱199

Fun Foam-Inducing Beer Mug (53% Off!)

This mug is for the beer lovers out there! We all know the frothy foam somehow makes our beer drinking a bit more enjoyable. This mug makes sure you have that every time. It has a sparking lever on the handle of the mug to induce bubbles (it would be wise to keep the amount of beer on the mug at just 2/3 level!) Please note though that the best amount of times to push this lever is 2 to 3 times only per beer poured on the mug as the amount of carbonic acid gradually disappears if you push the lever many times – affecting the taste greatly.

Worth ₱699