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Fruit Peeler and Corer (60% Off!)

Eat fruits the easy way! With this super handy device, you can core your way to remove the inedible core of some fruits which are laden with the seeds (ex, papaya), afterwards you can also dig and peel the fruit part out of its skin and enjoy your fruit. You can also core it out if you want to eat it immediately. Item is made from stainless steel material with strong plastic handles which will make it last a lifetime with proper care. A sound investment for your healthy eating activities!

Worth ₱199

Hard Case Protector for 6 Eggs (50% Off!)

Durable cellphones have casings, so why not your fragile eggs? Be worry free as this hard-case egg protector is the solution to your cooking needs when you buy your groceries. No more spilled eggs! You get to save lots of money preventing broken eggs with this device!

Worth ₱199

Lucky Golden Knives (Set of 3Pcs) (60% Off!)

Exquisite. Distinguished. Durable. Reliable. These are the words you might first think of when you see and use these set of knives. If you are going to cook, you might as well do it with style with these knives and its gold-colored set. The knives also has rose etching on the knife itself – making it more stylish than your normal knives. You will notice how sharp and durable these knives are when you use it. You won’t find any kind of knives set in the market with the matching sharp-cutting ability and design. And at P399 per set – it sure really is a bargain. Go get one now, while supplies lasts.

Worth ₱999

Simple & Durable Vacuum Flask (42% Off!)

Virtually unbreakable, this lightweight, vacuum-insulated flask travels to work or recreation easily, and for hours afterward, coffee, tea, or broth will still be hot and your lemonade, iced tea, or a sports drink will still be chilled. Tapered toward the top and slim enough (19.8 cm high, 7 cm in diameter at bottom) to safely pour with one hand, it slips into a briefcase or backpack. Fine threading ensures the stopper seals tightly, while the exterior has a handsome satin finish. The smooth interior cleans with sponge or cloth, and preheating or pre-chilling with hot or cold water is recommended.

Worth ₱599