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3D Virtual Reality Headset via Smartphones (60% Off!)

Experience virtual reality at the comfort of your very own home with this 3D virtual reality headset using your smartphones! Just download virtual reality apps from your Android phones or iPhones and you’re set to go! Experience live virtual reality as if you are actually in the place you are looking at with full 360 degree 3D animation! You’ll feel as if you are in an actual roller coaster or in outer space! Tilt your head anywhere and you’ll see the entire environment of your virtual reality right through your own eyes! They say seeing is believing! Get one now to experience the fun and thrill of virtual reality now!

Worth ₱1,999

4GB Pedometer + Calorimeter + USB Watch (60% Off!)

Pedometer function - 3D highly sensitive acceleration transducer built-in, which could detect each tiny move of yours, making more accurate pace counting.. Calorimeter function - It does not only could trace your consuming calories, paces, moving distance, but also could set and check your exercise plan.. Customization - You could compose a stylish signature text on the LED display monitor. USB Flash drive - 4GB Flash Memory Built-in – store files anytime! Time and date are adjustable too!

Worth ₱1,999

60x Cellphone Zoom Lens (35% Off!)

Need an awesome accessory for your smartphone? Look no further! This 60x cellphone lens will surely impress your friends and loved ones. It turns your smartphone almost into a microscope! You can zoom in to see your freckles and clear lines of your fingerprints! It also has a UV light to help in authentication of paper currencies. No need to install any app or software as all you need is to snap the lens onto your smartphone (don't worry, it won't scratch it). Note: 1. Do not drop from high place. 2. Do not expose to sunlight for long or put near hot objects. It might damage the lens. 3. Do not dismantle / disassemble by yourself.

Worth ₱999

8GB Transforming USB Flash Drive (27% Off!)

This flash drive truly “more than meets the eye” as it is not only like a robot-animal toy which you can transform, it is also a USB flash drive that gives you 8GB of storage! This super-cool flash drive is compatible with both PC and MAC. A must for toy-enthusiasts, geeks, kids and the kids at heart who remember their childhood fondly.

Worth ₱619