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10400 mAh Powerbank with Digital Display (33% Off!)

Our gadgets play a big part in our daily lives. It helps us communicate not just with our loved ones, but also with our professional colleagues. The digital age has introduced us to a whole new level of convenience. Nowadays, you have a camera, a phone, a radio, a game console, a video recorder, a calendar, maps, and even your computer all in one gadget that can perfectly fit in your pocket. Never worry about running out of battery for your gadgets with today’s deal: Charge your gadgets even when on the go with this Powerbank with Digital Display for P799 instead of P1199. Hardcore mobile users, diehard gamers, and music lovers need not worry about batteries running empty anymore with this handy Powerbank with Digital Display.

Worth ₱1,199

Advanced Mosquito Killing System (32% Off!)

Avoid mosquito-related diseases with the advanced mosquito killing system from Nomad Nine! It is now known by scientists that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (the gas that you exhale from your nose) – this awesome device uses a photocatalytic process that produces small amounts of carbon dioxide (but enough to attract mosquitoes) in 360 degrees direction. Once they are attracted, the fan below the repellant system sucks the mosquitoes inside , thereby creating a vortex by which the mosquito cannot escape from. After they are sucked and captured inside the chamber, they cannot escape anymore and are left to die due to the heat produced by the lights. One good side effect of the photocatalytic process is that it also purifies the air by breaking down bacteria and breaking down harmful gases. It does not need high voltage like other mosquito zappers which makes it safer to use. It is also smaller and more portable than the conventional zappers.

Worth ₱589

Baby Milk Bottle Heater (43% Off!)

Babies need to be cared for both emotionally and physically to grow up big and strong for the future. Feed them the best with today’s deal! A durable baby milk bottle heater for P799 instead of P1400 Only! Knob-controlled thermostat with different temperature selections. It will reach the selected temperature and then automatically turn off!

Worth ₱1,400

Children's Educational Toy Keyboard (50% Off!)

Unleash your child’s musical inclination with this educational toy keyboard only from Trends n' Deals! Let your child play to their heart’s content and who knows, they might be the next Mozart or Beethoven! This educational keyboard’s size is just perfect for children and powered by 3 pcs of AA batteries. Go get one now while supplies lasts! .

Worth ₱999