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10Pcs Anytime Soaps - 120g each (67% Off!)

Anytime Soaps provide the consumers with the need for a soap that can be used by the whole family that can clean the body of dirt and harmful bacteria, without the harmful anti-bacterial chemicals included in the soap. This helps your skin and body rejuvenate immediately and provides a more supple and smooth skin. It is also wonderfully cheap but of high quality. You simply must try it out to know how good this soap is!

Worth ₱720

3 Piece Maroon Leather Handbags (50% Off!)

Be dazzled with this trendy three piece maroon leather handbags on sale only from trends n deals! What a great deal! For only P999 you get three pieces of bags which you can mix and match with your work or party outfits! Plus you also get a leather wallet for free! All of these bags are crafted with utmost care during production and provides great space inside to fit most of your daily necessities, plus kikay kits. Get this great value now!

Worth ₱1,999

Advanced Mosquito Killing System (32% Off!)

Avoid mosquito-related diseases with the advanced mosquito killing system from Nomad Nine! It is now known by scientists that mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide (the gas that you exhale from your nose) – this awesome device uses a photocatalytic process that produces small amounts of carbon dioxide (but enough to attract mosquitoes) in 360 degrees direction. Once they are attracted, the fan below the repellant system sucks the mosquitoes inside , thereby creating a vortex by which the mosquito cannot escape from. After they are sucked and captured inside the chamber, they cannot escape anymore and are left to die due to the heat produced by the lights. One good side effect of the photocatalytic process is that it also purifies the air by breaking down bacteria and breaking down harmful gases. It does not need high voltage like other mosquito zappers which makes it safer to use. It is also smaller and more portable than the conventional zappers.

Worth ₱589

Heart-Shaped Sunglasses (38% Off!)

Be the unique, loveable person you are and show off your brand new heart-shaped eyeglass for only P249 ON SALE only from Trends n' Deals! We bet you have never seen such beautiful and unique sunglass like this in your entire life! Wear this anywhere to provide a unique expression for yourself! Whether to a mall, on a hot date, on the beach or even while driving during daytime! This piece is also a great conversation starter on parties or if you would just like to excite yourself in your daily office routine!

Worth ₱399