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(Set of 4) High Fashion Bags & Wallet (63% Off!)

Savvy fashionable Asians will know that when they see this set of three bags with free matching wallet, they will certainly want to buy one set immediately. Why not? It just looks so good and fits for so many occasions. It also presents a great value for you also at P1099 only on sale only at Trends n' Deals! Whether you want to go out for a casual stroll in the mall, or with a hot date, this bag will suit your daily needs well. It fits a lot of the current trendy clothes being sold in the market right now. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱2,999

Anti-Bacterial UV-Ray Toothbrush Sterilizer / Holder

Maybe you do not know, a parasitic toothbrush with millions of invisible microorganisms, many of which will become harmful bacteria. Especially in warm, humid bathroom environment, the bacteria more easily on the toothbrush breed prone to oral diseases such as periodontitis, bleeding teeth, mouth odor and digestive diseases. Numerous medical studies have shown that oral health and human health are closely related, such as gum problems and heart disease, diabetes and premature delivery in pregnant women are often accompanied. Now with toothbrush sterilizer, you never have to worry about the harmful micro-organisms invisible! Authoritative studies have shown that high-tech UV UVC technology, just a few minutes, you can kill the toothbrush 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, allowing you to avoid the trouble of oral disease. The American Dental Association and the US Centers for Disease Control study showed that seemingly clean toothbrush is actually a variety of bacteria and viruses breed, multiply hotbed. Many diseases such as heart disease, stroke, premature birth, cancer, hepatitis, pulmonary infection, may thus result. By ultraviolet radiation, a variety of bacteria and viruses on the toothbrush can be killed in a very short period of time.Products using cold cathode UV lamp can emit a wavelength of 253.7nm ultraviolet rays, it is easy to be bacterial and viral proteins, nucleic acid absorption, dissociation allows protein denaturation, nucleic acid thymine dimers formed in a variety of viral and will destroy bacterial DNA structure, resulting in the death of bacteria and viruses. Typical bacteria (more than 18 kinds), for example: Escherichia, Bacillus, Escherichia, Bacillus g Lver Shi, tuberculosis bacteria, Neisseria, Salmonella, mildew (more than 8 kinds), e.g. : blue mold, black mold, Mucor, excrement and other fungi, viral class (over 10 kinds), such as: hepatitis virus, influenza virus.

Worth ₱1,099

Lovely Purple 3-Bag Set (40% Off!)

There are some things that just look better in purple. This includes this very lovely purple three-piece bag set on sale only from Trends n' Deals! For only P899 you get three new lovely purple bags of varying sizes! You get a backpack, a purse, and a clutch bag! What a great value! Mix and match the types of bags based on what you wear. These bags are made from strong and highly quality nylon that is perfect for your daily use.

Worth ₱1,499

2-Piece Cute Panda Bag Set (50% Off!)

Pandas - the international symbol of cuteness , so adorable and so cuddly-looking, but you can’t bring home a real live one. Get the next best thing! Be the symbol of cuteness that you can be with this 2-piece incredibly cute panda bag set from Trends n' Deals! For only P499 from P999! Get 2 incredibly cute bags – one backpack, one shoulder bag with a super adorable design! Use the backpack for your school or office needs, while use the shoulder bag when you go out with your friends! Go go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999