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7 Piece Combination Toolbox (65% Off!)

The only toolbox you might need in your home, this set is complete for all the major tools you need for your DIY projects. Its got both kinds of screwdrivrs, a lengthy 2meter tape measure, 1 utility knife, 1pc pliers, electric tape and its even got the digital pen electric tester! At P399 this products is a great value that is nice to have in each home. Get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

Handy-Dandy Key Ninja (40% Off!)

Eliminate your bulky keychain with the uber-functional Key Ninja. The Key Ninja organizes your keys like a Swiss Army knife, preventing them from becoming a huge wad of metal in your pocket. And despite its slim, half-inch thick silhouette, the Key Ninja can expand to fit up to 30 standard house keys. The handy tool also boasts built-in dual LED lights (so you can see your lock at night) and a bottle opener because you never know when a cold one might come your way. An included "S" hook ensures you can attach a larger key fob.

Worth ₱499

Stylish Computer Radiation Protection Eyeglasses (50% Off!)

A practical solution to a long-standing for all you people out there that needs to stare at a computer monitor for a long time. This stylish computer radiation eyeglass protection from Trends n' Deals on sale for only P199! This glasses helps reduce eye strain, dry eyes, and fatigue. Perfect for office workers and gamers alike. More importantly, it helps keeps your eyes safe by blocking any harmful radiation emanating from your computer screens. Go go get one now, while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱399

Cute Kid's Bear Bag (57% Off!)

This bag just screams cuteness for any kid who wears this. Perfect for any toddler who needs a bag or for accessorizing. It is made from sturdy materials which is what any kid’s bag needs because kids are so active and just wants to play all day. It has just one opening with zippers because kid’s bag should be simple like that. What's best is that this item is on sale for only P299 ! Go go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱699