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Cool Blue Sunglasses (54% Off!)

Be in with the trendiest fashion with this cool blue sunglasses. This is not your normal dark shaded sunglasses, because it is blue-shaded! And you know who wears blue-shaded sunglasses? Only cool people! Would you like to be a cool guy/gal? Then get one now! Lucky for you! It is on sale now for only P299 instead of P649!

Worth ₱649

European Fashion Handbags (Set of 4Pcs) (45% Off!)

hing elegance and sophistication – truly what a modern woman needs , this European style fashion set of 4 pcs handbags , each piece of this set screams luxury for you now on sale for you at a limited offering of P1099 only from P1999! Each piece from this set is made from high-quality leather. It has three bags of varying sizes that will suit you for your different occasion. It also comes with a matching wallet so you can organize your money and stuff well. Go get one now! While supplies lasts!

Worth ₱1,999

Gentleman's Leather Shoulder Bag (55% Off!)

The perfect bag to bring along when you travel, or even when you are out on a business trip and you just want to carry light. This bag is versatile enough to carry different small items such as notebooks, pens, glasses, medicines and the like. It is also very fashionable and is made from high-quality leather. Best of all, it is on sale for only P899! It is a no-frills leather bag that contains different compartments where you can segregate your items by type if you are the highly-organized type of person. We assure you that with proper care, this bag will last a very long time and will even still be fashionable by then because it is made with a classic never-out-of-fashion design. Go get one while stocks lasts!

Worth ₱1,999

Portable Retractable 5.5L Water Jug (65% Off!)

Never have you seen, or will probably see a more versatile and useful water dispenser than this retractable & portable 5.5L water jug only from Trends N’ Deals! Now on sale for only P449 from P1299! No longer will you need to carry bulky water jugs or look for space on where to put them for storage, this item is retractable so you can squeeze it into smaller size when not in use. It has a generous volume capacity as it can store up to 5.5 L of liquid inside it. Imagine the various ways you can use this in your road trips, barkada outings, or even inuman sessions. It has its own faucet for the liquid to flow also. Cleaning is also easy as you just need simple water and dishwashing liquid to wash it out. Go go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱1,299