About Us

Setting The Trends

Trendsndeals.com is the best daily deals site to come out of the Philippines (and perhaps the world!) due to its unbeatable prices and trendy offerings at prices that are low compared to the rest of the Philippine market, and even if you compare it to other daily deals site. Trendsndeals.com also sets the trend by being the first daily deals site in the world to offer the following as a standard:

  • Additional 5% off from our already heavily discounted price with our low-priced Trends n' Deals Membership Card.
  • A free gift for every deal offered at trendsndeals.com.
  • A true gift certificate with messaging options for your loved one.
  • Direct answer to your query 24 hours or less under office hours.

As a customer-oriented company, our vows to you are the following:

  • We make sure you get your money's worth..
  • We will make sure that you will get what you paid for in a timely manner.
  • Customer after-service is our foremost priority.
  • Answer customer's question(s) in a direct to the point manner and without any delay as much as possible.
  • Treat our customers the way we wanted to be treated -- the ultimate golden rule.