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Retractable Umbrella Barrel (50% Off!)

The handiest way to store your umbrella in the whole wide universe! Introducing the retractable umbrella barrel! On sale on Trends n’ Deals for only P149 instead of P299! No longer will you have a problem on where to put your umbrella after using it, especially in cars or inside your house. Imagine the last time you had nowhere to put your wet umbrella after you got inside your car? The retractable umbrella barrel is the answer! Remember the last time you got inside your house with your soaking wet umbrella? The retractable umbrella barrel is the answer! This is one of those things that you think you have no need for but will feel great to have one once you have it. Go get one now while it is on sale! P149 only!

Worth ₱299

Safety Bicycle Horn (50% Off!)

Safety is key when you are riding your bicycle, especially in the streets in the Philippines where there are a lot of people and cars. Use this safety bicycle horn to assist you during your journey and honk when there is a need! This item is on sale for only P249! This device uses 9V battery and you only need to tap the button switch for the horn to sound off. It is a very convenient tool to use for you! Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱499

Sporty Motorcycle Gloves (44% Off!)

The fabric of these gloves is made from breathable polyester material, allowing your skin to be protected while still being taken care of. It also prevents moisture inside the gloves while wearing it under the searing heat of Philippine weather.

Worth ₱799

USB Charged Bicycle Headlight (60% Off!)

Safety comes first whenever you ride a bicycle especially in the haphazard roads of the Philippines. Make your journey safer with this USB-charged bicycle headlight for only P399 ! You can recharge it again and again without buying a new battery. Each full charge can light the headlight from 3-5 hours and let’s face it, how often do you bike for 3 hours straight? This headlight also ensures that other vehicles will see you during night time , preventing you from getting hit by responsible motorists. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999