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6-in-1 Robotics Toy V2 (32% Off!)

The solar/light powered robotics toy! ...
Worth ₱589
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Chef’s Choice - Easy Fruit & Vegetable Cutter (67% Off!)

In the olden days, chopping onions means having to shed tears. Well say goodbye to those...
Worth ₱599
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Ultra-Modern 2GB MP3 Player-Sunglass w/Bluetooth (50% Off!)

Sunglasses are great for hiding eye bugs, the same way earphones are best for concealing...
Worth ₱3,000
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Epic Five-Color Glowing Mouse (61% Off!)

And the computer geeks shall prevail! With this brilliant gadget, the Epic Five-Color...
Worth ₱899
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Stainless Steel Pineapple Corer (64% Off!)

The easy way to peel pineapples! ...
Worth ₱699
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Fizz Saver! Beverage Tap and Dispenser (40% Off!)

The Fizz Fo-zizzle... ...
Worth ₱299