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Healthy Habit Water Purifier (66% Off!)

Water, in our world symbolizes life due to its capacity to support flora and fauna, its ability to kill dangerous flames, and its perfect potency and density for filling prank-worthy water balloons. Enjoy and ingest the healthiest kind of liquid with today’s deal! The Healthy Habit Water Purifier! Today’s deal helps H2O hydrators get their fix, courtesy of environmentally-friendly filtering function showcased in a sleek, stylish design. Wave goodbye to chemical nasties in tap water with a bench top water filter, floor water cooler or stock up with a package of four filter refills. Structured to vanquish chlorine, bacteria, rust, germs, organic sediment and unappealing taste at the source! It’s small enough to be fitted to most faucet types available in the market!

Worth ₱999

Talking Cat Clock w/Thermometer (67% Off!)

This adorable Talking Cat Clock not only tells you the time, but also the temperature too! Not only does it tell you the time and temperature, you can also set your alarm and have your cat clock tell you the time automatically every hour! Awesome!

Worth ₱999

Totoro Pillow-Blanket (40% Off!)

Perfect for the Hayao Miyazaki fan in you, grab this ultra-adorable Totoro Pillow for yourself or for you loved ones. With size of 150 cm x 90 cm you can turn this from a pillow into a blanket in a few seconds! Very handy indeed! Hygiene is not a concern as it is very easy to wash also! Giving it to your kids is also not a concern because it is very durable and comfortable.

Worth ₱999