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Extraordinary Rainbow Projector (50% Off!)

This toy is sure to bring a smile to you (or your 6 year old daughter’s face) when you flip the switch and admire the colourful rainbow that is projected on the nearest flat surface. This rainbow light projector sits on any surface and sends a colourful ribbon of colours through your room by casting light onto a mirror underneath the plastic arch that bounces the light off.

Worth ₱999

Home & Car Dual USB Charger (40% Off!)

Carry only one USB charger wherever you go with this home and car dual USB charger on sale only from Trends n' Deals! P599 only instead of P999! Made from high-quality materials, you can plug this charger into a normal outlet in your home and office. Plug it out and you can insert it in a normal car cigarette lighter outlet, thereby making you more mobile than ever with fewer accessories to bring. You can also plug up to two USB cords into this charger without any problem at all.

Worth ₱999

Millennium Motion Gaming Console (57% Off!)

Play video games as if you are actually the character inside the game with this new Motion gaming console from Trends n' Deals for only ₱2,599! This extraordinary motion gaming console requires you to do actions as if you were in the game. Thus, you need to swing your golf club, if you are going to play the golf game. You need to use the baseball bat accessory while playing the baseball game, and you need to throw the ball using the controller if you are playing bowling with this motion gaming console! Best of all of these accessories come free together with the package (and even more! As it also has tennis racquet, ping pong paddles). Imagine the loads of fun your family and friends will have playing this game – makes for great bonding time! It also can act as a secondary fitness tool for those who don’t want to go to the gym since some of the games require physical activities. Game List: Tennis, Table Tennis, Racing, Golf, Archery, Paddling, Skiing, Basketball, Baseball, Bowling, Funny Fishing, F1 Steeplechase, UFO Gem Square, Tetris, Arkanoid, sudoku, Tetris, World War 2 Aircraft, Crazy Darts, Nuclear Submarines, The Blackhole, Cross The Street, Monkey Climb, Road Train, Speed F1 Racer, Speed Motorcycle Racing, Water Maze, Password Spoon, Motorcycle Racing 2, Magic Kitchen, Bubble Bobble, Kayak Race, Poker, Paving, Rowing, Demining 2, Deep Sea Bobble, Guard Battle, Battle City, Sokoban, 100 Layers, Star Wars, Zuma, Bowling 2, Shell Pairing, Puzzles, Push the Ball, Monkey Climb

Worth ₱5,999

Multi-Functional Traveller's Plug (40% Off!)

This plug is a life-saver for those who travel out of the country, especially those who likes to bring their own gadgets. It enables you to plug your gadgets onto almost all kinds of outlets found in the entire world. It even has two USB ports so you can power your favourite gadgets via USB. It doesn’t matter if the voltage is from 100V to 250V in the country you are visiting as this multi-functional traveller’s plug can serve those voltages.

Worth ₱999