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Pillow That Turns Into Blanket V3 (60% Off!)

Multi-functional items is the key these days. Why have separate items when you can have both for the price of one! Presenting to you a revolutionary new home product that will have you surely excited! The two-in-one pillow that unzips into a blanket! Choose from different cute wholesome designs your family will surely love! Quality and comfort was not sacrificed in the making of this product. It is made from high quality cotton and nice cushion that will make you feel comfortable whether you use it as a pillow or as a nice warm blanket. Size is generous also at 40cm x 40cm as a pillow and 100cm x 150 cm as a blanket. Best of all, it is on sale! P399 only from Trends n' Deals with freebie too!

Worth ₱999

Retro Family Gaming Console (47% Off!)

Long before Angry Birds and Asphalt 7, there was Mario and Contra. Re-live the 80’s and early 90’s with this latest offering from Trends n’ Deals! Only P1299 instead of P1899 for this hip retro family gaming console! This package includes two gamepads to play with your friends and family and includes a free 400 in 1 cartridge for endless hours of play! It includes almost all of the famous games from that era. You can change the games by the push of one button. For the younger generation, learn what your fathers or elder brothers played with to past their time! This device will surely be the hit of the family as everybody will surely enjoy playing the cool games of the past era. Note: Unit may not function with some Chinese-branded TV such as TCL, Coby, Skyworth, Hi-Sense as they have different video input standard. Additional Note: Your TV must have TV AV 2 mode. We will not be responsible for any decline in quality of game play if your TV does not have TV AV 2 mode. Most TV being sold has TV AV2 mode but a small number of models does not.

Worth ₱1,899

Three-Port USB Plug (50% Off!)

They say two heads are better than one. But hey, why not three heads? Introducing to you the Three-port USB Plug only from Trends n' Deals! With almost all new nifty gadgets being introduced today based on the USB port, it is imperative that you need to be able to charge your products in an instant at the same time. This is how our product comes in. Now, you will not be stalled by only one usb port plugs, because you have three! The design of this product is also top-notch and fun to look at. Go go get one now while supplies lasts! Limited stocks only!

Worth ₱299

Ultimate Car Wash Kit (62% Off!)

Take care of your car’s cleaning needs with this ultimate car wash kit from Trends N’ Deals ! On sale for only P499 from original price of P1299! What a great saving! This kit includes 9 distinct items needed to keep your car in tip-top clean condition. You no longer need to go to separate stores to buy these cleaning accessories. It includes various brushes, different kinds of chamois, towels, and sponges and even dust scoopers to take care of your interior needs. You can easily take care of these accessories after washing your car, by putting it all into a free carrying bag that comes with the ultimate car wash kit.

Worth ₱1,299