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Floral Imprint Bags Set of 3 (55% Off!)

This floral imprint bags set is great for casual use when going out with friends!

Worth ₱1,999

Trendy HD Dashcam with LCD Screen (67% Off!)

TBehind the wheel is one great driver that is you, but beyond the hood, at the back seat and by the bumpers, well, it's quite hard to tell. Feel safer by documenting car-related stories and realities easily with today’s deal: Install a High-Definition DVR Car Dashcam for P999 instead of P2999! Beyond compare, a motorist’s life is a mix of pleasure and challenges on the road. There are times when you cruise with buddies who throw jokes around from the back seat, but mostly you drive all alone through narrow, unfamiliar back streets. Take a deep breath and keep your eyes on the road. Know that with your DVR Car Dashcam, you’ll always have a witness to whatever happens. Heaven forbid that you get into trouble, but a video record will do well to corroborate and back up your story in case of accidents and the like. Next to the seatbelt and the sun visor, this camcorder is the most useful security accessory your car can have. On a happier note, haven't you wished that you recorded for posterity the last time you went on a road trip with your happily singing barkada? Also, last night might have been a blast and would be really nice to relive. With a DVR Car Camcorder that supports SD HC cards up to 32gb and features closed caption images with date and time stamps, you can rewind and watch moments like those to your heart's content. This high-definition camcorder automatically records videos as soon as you start the car. So rev up those engines and record away!

Worth ₱2,999

Sporty Motorcycle Gloves (44% Off!)

The fabric of these gloves is made from breathable polyester material, allowing your skin to be protected while still being taken care of. It also prevents moisture inside the gloves while wearing it under the searing heat of Philippine weather.

Worth ₱799

Unique New Generation Wrist Watch (46% Off!)

This wristwatch is for the cool people. For the people who dare to set apart from what is in right now. This is also for the people that has their own individuality and mindset. You cannot get anymore unique with the design of this new gen wristwatch only from Trends n' Deals! Wear one and show it proud to the crowd with style! Only P699 with limited stocks! Get one now. Last we heard, we won't sell this anytime again soon.

Worth ₱1,299