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3D Wooden Cathedral Puzzle (50% Off!)

Unleash your kid’s creativity and imagination while stimulating his mind with this 3D wooden cathedral puzzle only from Trends n' Deals! Imagine the fun bonding time you will have with your kid when you try and build this pillar cathedral with them. After completing the puzzle, you can display it inside your house and remember the good times you had with it. This sale price of P499 will not last long so order now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

Set of 6 Purple Nylon Bags and Wallet (50% Off!)

Purple in the olden times is a color of luxury and royalty. Carry along this royal colored bag and choose among the set of 6 you will choose with this set of 6 purple nylon bags for only P999 ! It is made from nylon so it is very durable which is very important if you plan on using it on a day to day basis. The varying sizes and design of these set of 6 bags and wallet gives you the flexibility to choose based on what you are wearing or on the occasion. You can bring along various gadgets also in some of the bags such as your tablet pc. Go go get one now at great value for only P999 for this set of 6 bags!

Worth ₱1,999

Amazing 6-Port USB Charger (41% Off!)

With everybody owning a cellphone right now, there comes the time when there are too few plugs to charge your cellphone with. This 6-port mobile phone usb charger solves your problems and much more! This device needs only one plug to be able to charge up to 6 mobile phone or other USB-powered devices! No more waiting in line for having your phone charged! Get this one now while supplies lasts! Only P649 this device will save your time and effort!

Worth ₱1,099

Electromagnetic Wave Ultrasonic Pest Repellant (50% Off!)

Reduce your chance of getting dreaded diseases such as dengue or leptospirosis with this electromagnetic wave ultrasonic pest repellant! For only P499 you can help your loved ones not get hospitalized, considering the high cost of medicine these days. This product works by producing a wave that is not harmful to humans but very annoying to pests, thereby discouraging those harmful pests from entering your area. Aside from diseases, it is also annoying for rats to enter your home and bite your wirings or eat away at your food. For only P499 you can prevent all of these! Order now!!

Worth ₱999