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Fruit Peeler and Corer (60% Off!)

Eat fruits the easy way! With this super handy device, you can core your way to remove the inedible core of some fruits which are laden with the seeds (ex, papaya), afterwards you can also dig and peel the fruit part out of its skin and enjoy your fruit. You can also core it out if you want to eat it immediately. Item is made from stainless steel material with strong plastic handles which will make it last a lifetime with proper care. A sound investment for your healthy eating activities!

Worth ₱199

Fun Banana Coin Purse / Pencil Case (67% Off!)

This is not your average banana folks, because if you peel it off , you won’t be able to eat anything out of it! You can instead, put your coins, pens and markers and whatever small items you want into this fun banana coin purse/pencil case! Your friends and family almost won’t know the difference from a real banana to this one because it looks just so life like!

Worth ₱299

Cute Korean Butterfly Headband (50% Off!)

The cutest headband to end all cutest headbands, this is a fluffy headband that you can wear while wearing make-up, or even after showers. For the more expressive kind, you can even wear this headband to school or office! This super cute headband is elastic, so that it is stretchable and making sure that it will stay in place. It also has a diameter of 11 cm, thus ensuring that most heads will fit on this headband.

Worth ₱199

Banana-Shaped 4-Port USB Hub (44% Off!)

This 4-port USB hub is the ideal companion for keyboard, mouse, U-disk or cell phone data sync to connect with laptop or desktop computers. It's a conversation piece, not the mainstream boring USB mini hub. Go for a sleek, cool and unique design, which will add some fun décor to your desk and makes you smile when looking at it. Fun and useful gift idea for mom, teacher, co-worker, best friend, etc. Ideal birthday/party/bridal shower/gift exchange gift.

Worth ₱249