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Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag (47% Off!)

Be healthier by bringing your own lunch to work or school with this Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag only from Trends n’ Deals! Buying lunch isn't healthy as it is usually very fatty or littered with salt but if you bring your own lunch you would know what you put into your food. It also saves you a ton of money which you can use for other things like treating yourself to a nice spa and massage! This lunch box bag is made from high-quality polyester material and measures 27cm x 12cm x 17cm. It is also immensely waterproof so you won’t need to worry about those spills. It has a rubber embellishment inside for wrinkle-proof technology. Eating lunch will be cool again with this Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag, on sale today!

Worth ₱299

Healthy Knee Brace (50% Off!)

This product is a perfect combination of aesthetics, performance, design engineering and mechanics, all to give you a better knee for your active lifestyle. Perfect for the person with weak, sore or swollen knees of all ages, it helps improve blood circulation and treat muscle and joint stabilization. You will feel your knees are more powerful while wearing this knee brace. You can even wear it underneath your clothes and nobody will notice it.

Worth ₱599

Talking Cat Clock w/Thermometer (67% Off!)

This adorable Talking Cat Clock not only tells you the time, but also the temperature too! Not only does it tell you the time and temperature, you can also set your alarm and have your cat clock tell you the time automatically every hour! Awesome!

Worth ₱999

Foldable Car Trunk Organizer (60% Off!)

This foldable and durable car trunk organizer can store all kinds of items, and organize the stuff at your car’s trunk. It divides into three separate spaces with multiple pockets. The natural property of the fabric is such that it not naturally attracted to dirt. You can also fold it when not in use for easy storage!

Worth ₱999