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USB Charged Bicycle Headlight (60% Off!)

Safety comes first whenever you ride a bicycle especially in the haphazard roads of the Philippines. Make your journey safer with this USB-charged bicycle headlight for only P399 ! You can recharge it again and again without buying a new battery. Each full charge can light the headlight from 3-5 hours and let’s face it, how often do you bike for 3 hours straight? This headlight also ensures that other vehicles will see you during night time , preventing you from getting hit by responsible motorists. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

Cute Collapsible Mobile Cosmetic Bag (60% Off!)

This cute collapsible mobile cosmetic bag is the perfect traveling companion when you need to bring your cosmetics and hygiene products when you travel. It has various compartments where you can segregate and organize which product goes to where. You can hang it on your bathroom wherever you are for easy of convenience of getting your hygiene products or cosmetic. It even has a hook you can hang on for convenience. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

Emergency Female Urine Bag (50% Off!)

Let’s be honest, almost everybody has gotten the urge to urinate while in their motor vehicles, especially when there is a huge traffic jam. It even gets harder when there is no gas station in sight. It is especially harder for females due to the nature of their anatomy. This urine bag solves the problem! It is a sturdy bag that contains crystal beads that can absorb many times the liquid you will input inside the bag. It is a very straightforward product which is very convenient to have in times of distress or emergency. Keep one now inside your car ! Get one while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱399

Set of 6 Black Croc-Skin Pattern Bags & Wallet (50% Off!)

Made from sturdy synthetic leather, this crock-skin patterned bags and wallets will surely be a hit for your daily bagging needs. Do you honestly want to lounge around everyday with your expensive bags? No , because they might get damaged. What you need is a daily bag that is reasonably priced and sturdy enough to handle the day to day jobs that you require! What you need is this set of 6 pieces black croc- skin patterned bags + wallets from Trends n' Deals! At a low low price of P999 pesos you get 6 items! What great value! Go go get one now!

Worth ₱1,999