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Cool Classic Wallet (50% Off!)

Money is not the most important thing in the world, but it sure is still important. Keep your money safe with this cool classic wallet only from Trends N’ Deals! It measures 10cm x 12cm x 2cm when folded and can keep multiple cards such as your ATM and credit cards. Made from sturdy faux leather, you can be sure that it can last for awhile before you would need to buy a new one again. Its style is derived from themes that exude class. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱499

Cute Bird Headphones (50% Off!)

Birds produce the best music in nature through their singing and humming. You can listen these beautiful sounds of nature through this cute bird headphone! It has very cute design makes you stand out among the other headphone wearing people. Sound quality is not compromised as we assure you that it can compete with other headphones of its class. At P299 you won’t find a better designed headphone than this one. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱599

Dual Motorcycle Raincoat (50% Off!)

Protect yourself against rain and other harmful elements while you are on your scooter / motorcycle with these dual motorcycle raincoat only from Trends n' Deals! With the rising cost of medicine right now, it is best if we can prevent anything that can make us sick, however we cannot predict sometimes when rain will come or even if we can predict it, we still might need to travel with our motorcycles. This dual motorcycle raincoat solves that problem by allowing you to travel while still raining! It is made from very durable materials to make sure that it will last for a long time. It is also very flexible as you can use it when you are alone or if you have a companion. Buy now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱999

Korean-Style Canvas Chest Bag (33% Off!)

Rugged and fashionable, this Korean style sporty canvas chest bag fits the environment in the Philippines that we live in. It is a reliable bag that you can use everyday to store your items, and at the same time you do not need to carry anything bulky. It has two pouches , one on front and the other at the back where you can segregate and carry an assorted amount of items. It is also ideal for use when you are travelling. Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱599