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Portable USB-Powered LED Lamp (40% Off!)

Bring a lamp source anywhere you go with this Portable usb led lamp from Trends N’ Deals! It is a nifty tool powered through USB so you can bring it anywhere with a USB power source – even powerbanks! Marvel at how easy it opens as it has a touch power button that controls three levels of light settings. Its a great tool to have when you are at the outdoors, or need a led lamp when you are studying. Go go get one now for only P299!

Worth ₱499

Rechargeable Mini USB Fan & LED Lamp (40% Off!)

Ingenius is what describes this rechargeable USB mini-fan + led lamp as you enjoy carrying this fan anywhere without worrying where to plug it, and when night comes you can use its led light function also. It is powered through a USB cord so you can even charge it from a powerbank which makes it even more portable than ever. It is just P299 only! Go go get one now!

Worth ₱499

10-in-1 Handyman's Multi-functional Tool (40% Off!)

While James Bond and other secret agents heavily rely on guns and hi-tech gadgets, MacGyver only needs his resourcefulness, a duct tape, and a knife to get things done. You can just imagine if he gets his hands on today’s deal: a 10-in-1 Handyman's Multi-Functional Tool for only P299 instead of P499. An improved version of the popular Swiss knife, this 10-in-1 functional tool has a compact design that meets all your do-it-yourself needs. The tools incorporated in this handy product are the ones you'll actually use: hammer, pliers, nail claw, blades, large and small knife blades, serrated blade, nail file, wire cutter, screwdrivers, and bottle opener. Made of durable stainless steel, it's guaranteed to last for a long time. On top of its features, it conveniently fits inside the pocket. A useful and indispensable tool, the 10-in-1 Handyman's Multi-Functional Tool's reliability can be put to the test, whether you need to tighten a loose screw of an appliance or just want to open a bottle of beer. It offers the quick fix to some of the annoying problems that could've been solved easy if equipped with the right tools.

Worth ₱499

Cutie Smiley Face Bag (50% Off!)

Bring this iconic image anywhere with you with this cute smiley face bag at a low-low friendly price of P249 only that will make you also smile! It is 16cm diameter x 6cm width and can fit a lot of things for its size. You won’t worry about its durability because it is made from strong PU leather that can last for a long time. Be unique and standout among the crowd! Carry this cutie smiley face bag now!

Worth ₱499