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New-Generation Korean Traveller Bag (43% Off!)

The successor to our line of traveler’s bag, this new-generation Korean traveler’s bag is the perfect companion for you and is designed for the current needs of the people now with mobility and flexibility in mind. This travelers bag is just big enough to contain all your essential documents such as passports, tickets, medicine , money, cards, eyeglasses and the like, while maintaining space for your cellphone and even for a flashlight just in case. It is also highly water-resistant which is a very good feature when you are traveling. Best of all this item has a low low price of only P399! Go get one now!

Worth ₱699

7-in-1 Flashlight, Swiss Tools, Hammer Set (46% Off!)

Probably the single most useful flashlight in the planet, this flashlight is not just your ordinary flashlight, but it also includes the following features: A swiss knife on its handle with five different knives. A hammer to shatter glass and mirrors during emergencies. A flashlight zooming function so that the light from the flashlight can be flashed into farther lengths. It is highly durable too, being made mostly of rubber and strong metal. It is also a great gift to your loved ones. Any homeowner or motor-vehicle driving person should own this. Go get one now! On sale for only P699 from P1299!

Worth ₱1,299

Banana-Shaped 4-Port USB Hub (44% Off!)

This 4-port USB hub is the ideal companion for keyboard, mouse, U-disk or cell phone data sync to connect with laptop or desktop computers. It's a conversation piece, not the mainstream boring USB mini hub. Go for a sleek, cool and unique design, which will add some fun décor to your desk and makes you smile when looking at it. Fun and useful gift idea for mom, teacher, co-worker, best friend, etc. Ideal birthday/party/bridal shower/gift exchange gift.

Worth ₱249

Fitness Training Gym Bag (44% Off!)

The last bag you will probably ever need in your life for gym or training needs, this heavy-duty fitness training bag is a steal for the sale price of P499 now, only from Trends n' Deals! It has a height of 47cm and diameter of 29 cm thus you can stuff a lot of your clothes or gym and training equipment instead. It can also be worn like a backpack or carried by hand so it is also very versatile. Since you will be training or exercising with this bag, it also has side-pockets so you can put your water bottles to keep you hydrated. It is also versatile as you can use it for a whole lot of other functions such as camping, fishing, and the like. The generous space inside the bag allows it to carry a whole lot of different kind of items inside. It can even fit your basketball! Get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱899