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Children's Educational Toy Keyboard (50% Off!)

Unleash your child’s musical inclination with this educational toy keyboard only from Trends n' Deals! Let your child play to their heart’s content and who knows, they might be the next Mozart or Beethoven! This educational keyboard’s size is just perfect for children and powered by 3 pcs of AA batteries. Go get one now while supplies lasts! .

Worth ₱999

Cute Waterproof Cellphone Casings (50% Off!)

Capture fun summer memories while keeping your camera or mobile phone protected with today’s deal: P199 instead of P399 for a trendy Cute Waterproof Cellphone Casings. Keep your mobile phone, camera, mp3 player, iPod or any other electronic gadget safe with this lightweight, soft waterproof pouch that can protect your valuables from water, sand and dirt and keep them in good condition. Virtually all types of mobile phones and similar-sized gadgets can fit in this waterproof pouch, making it the ideal protection for your gadgets when you go out for some water fun on the beach or at the pool. Lose the fear of going too near the water to avoid damaging your favorite electronic gadgets, limiting the fun during your summer getaways. Break free from such limitations and keep the photos coming as you snap away to capture fun and fabulous moments underwater. Keep the conversations going on your mobile even when you’re submerged partially or while hanging around at the pool side. The Semi colored transparent PVC material of the pouch allows you to protect your gadgets so you can focus more on having fun without the worries. Product testing is highly recommended prior each use to ensure the safety of your gadget. Seal in a piece of paper inside the pouch and submerge it in water for a few minutes to check for any leak. If the paper remains dry, the pouch is secure enough to protect your mobile phone or other expensive gadget. Disclaimer: Merchant/seller is not responsible for any damage caused by untested products after the above recommendation.

Worth ₱399