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First month!

Posted by Jason | Posted on Mar 1, 2013 11:48:49 PM

Hello there TnD friends!

We thank you for your support for the first month of operation.  We are currently still on our soft opening.  It has been a great learning opportunity for us and from the initial feedback we got from you guys, we’ll be retooling our focus in the succeeding months to give you an even better TnD experience!

Another thing that I am very passionate about aside from helping the team give you guys the best available deals possible (check it out, no other daily deals site gives you a free gift for each item bought as a standard and at better prices!) is power lifting.

Yes power lifting. What’s that you say?

It is just actually composed of three lifts (well four lifts for some) –

  1. Bench press
  2. Full back squat
  3. Dead lift

The fourth one is the military press, which is not played out in competition as much as the first three mentioned.  But is still an equally great exercise that you need to increase your bench press.

Despite what you might have seen on gyms (I rarely see a proper bench press, back squat or dead lift in commercial gyms), these exercises are not as simple as they look like.  Great power lifters have tooled and retooled again and again their techniques on these lifts as they move up their weight and as their knowledge of power lifting increase also.

If you only have time to do one exercise, it has to be the back squat (or front squat).

Mark Rippetoe, the legendary power lifting coach teaches the best the basics of the back squat:

Why the back squat/front squat? Because of all the barbell exercises known to man, the back squat and front squat involves the most muscles in the body.  It is as close to a total body exercise as there can be.  A close second is the dead lift.

In the succeeding entries, I hope to have the chance to talk to you more in detail about power lifting. But that’s all for now. 

Happy TnD shopping everyone!

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