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Car Vacuum Cleaner (55% Off!)

You don’t call in the cleaning lady each time you spill a drink on the rug or want an immaculately clean house. You do away with her because if you have hands to hold a glass and to get tortilla chips by the fistful, you can very well use them to wield a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Get mad house-cleaning skills with today’s deal: Car Cleaning with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner for P449 instead of P999. Show dust the time of its life not by blowing it away but by sucking it in to join its ilk in the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner’s dust repository. Dust in your car gathers fast because the action of opening and closing doors pulls it in Open Sesame-style, like metal to magnet. Nothing much you can do about that except show them the door in ways available to you, with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner being the most efficient. Dust isn’t the only thing in the dirt family that you have to contend with. Crumbs, too, and cigarette ash, as well as soda spills, so keep the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner handy and stored in your glove compartment. Its specially-designed shape lets you comfortably clean hard to reach areas such as under the car seats. It easily plugs into your car’s lighter receptacle so no need to charge it at home or buy batteries for it.

Worth ₱999

Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag (47% Off!)

Be healthier by bringing your own lunch to work or school with this Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag only from Trends n’ Deals! Buying lunch isn't healthy as it is usually very fatty or littered with salt but if you bring your own lunch you would know what you put into your food. It also saves you a ton of money which you can use for other things like treating yourself to a nice spa and massage! This lunch box bag is made from high-quality polyester material and measures 27cm x 12cm x 17cm. It is also immensely waterproof so you won’t need to worry about those spills. It has a rubber embellishment inside for wrinkle-proof technology. Eating lunch will be cool again with this Cute Ladies Lunch Box Bag, on sale today!

Worth ₱299

Cute Waterproof Cellphone Casings (50% Off!)

Capture fun summer memories while keeping your camera or mobile phone protected with today’s deal: P199 instead of P399 for a trendy Cute Waterproof Cellphone Casings. Keep your mobile phone, camera, mp3 player, iPod or any other electronic gadget safe with this lightweight, soft waterproof pouch that can protect your valuables from water, sand and dirt and keep them in good condition. Virtually all types of mobile phones and similar-sized gadgets can fit in this waterproof pouch, making it the ideal protection for your gadgets when you go out for some water fun on the beach or at the pool. Lose the fear of going too near the water to avoid damaging your favorite electronic gadgets, limiting the fun during your summer getaways. Break free from such limitations and keep the photos coming as you snap away to capture fun and fabulous moments underwater. Keep the conversations going on your mobile even when you’re submerged partially or while hanging around at the pool side. The Semi colored transparent PVC material of the pouch allows you to protect your gadgets so you can focus more on having fun without the worries. Product testing is highly recommended prior each use to ensure the safety of your gadget. Seal in a piece of paper inside the pouch and submerge it in water for a few minutes to check for any leak. If the paper remains dry, the pouch is secure enough to protect your mobile phone or other expensive gadget. Disclaimer: Merchant/seller is not responsible for any damage caused by untested products after the above recommendation.

Worth ₱399

Emergency Female Urine Bag (50% Off!)

Let’s be honest, almost everybody has gotten the urge to urinate while in their motor vehicles, especially when there is a huge traffic jam. It even gets harder when there is no gas station in sight. It is especially harder for females due to the nature of their anatomy. This urine bag solves the problem! It is a sturdy bag that contains crystal beads that can absorb many times the liquid you will input inside the bag. It is a very straightforward product which is very convenient to have in times of distress or emergency. Keep one now inside your car ! Get one while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱399