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Power Cord Organizing Storage Box (63% Off!)

The solution for all your power cord organizing needs, this product will help you with exactly that! Imagine how ugly and messy it is when you have all those plugged on your cord. With a size of 27cm x 9cm x 8cm, it features a circular cooling holes so that your power cord won’t overheat. This is also a great product if you have pets or infants running around the house. So if you have a power cord, you would surely need a power cord organizing storage box! Go get one now!

Worth ₱399

Rechargeable Energy-Saving LED Bulb (50% Off!)

Use your TV’s remote control to turn on and off this LAMP! This bulb also charges itself so that when there is no electricity it would still continue to function! Continuous use for a year only consumes 1kWh! Applicable for home use, general indoor use, libraries, hospitals. Schools, offices, corridors and other emergency lighting. Best of all, it contains no mercury and lead, no noise, no flicker, no UV and infrared radiation. It is an excellent replacement for the traditional bulbs. It also saves more than 80% power than normal bulbs. The lamp is also durable as it also has a life expectancy of up to 100,000 hours and it can supply continuous lighting for up to 5 hours.

Worth ₱599

Rechargeable Mini USB Fan & LED Lamp (40% Off!)

Ingenius is what describes this rechargeable USB mini-fan + led lamp as you enjoy carrying this fan anywhere without worrying where to plug it, and when night comes you can use its led light function also. It is powered through a USB cord so you can even charge it from a powerbank which makes it even more portable than ever. It is just P299 only! Go go get one now!

Worth ₱499

Reliable Rechargeable LED Flashlight (35% Off!)

There are many ways to brighten someone’s day if they're feeling gloomy, such as making them a cup of tea, complimenting their outfit, or following them around while wearing a massive head torch. Light up someone's life with today's deal: P129 instead of P199 for a sturdy and reliable rechargeable LED flashlight! Filling dark holes with gleaming light, these handy light bulbs are designed for durability, and for maximizing what you get from electricity. It has 4 strong LED bulbs in the front that you can use to turn on and off. The LED bulbs on the body of the flashlight can serve as a lamp in the absences of light bulbs and electricity. The LED bulbs are so reliable that it can last up to 50,000 hours. It is powered by rechargeable batteries by plugging into AC 220V 50/60Hz sockets. This gleaming deal allows campers and ghost hunters to see through walls of fog during cold nights in the forbidden forests of Hogwarts. With the immense strength of a car headlight in one’s hand, flashers can shoot beams of light so that, pointed out to space, it has a much better chance of finishing a 26 light-year marathon in good time.

Worth ₱199