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Easy Portable Corn Stripper (50% Off!)

This easy portable Corn Stripper is very easy to use and lets you remove corn kernels from corn cobs in a breeze. The Corn Stripper has a container that catches all kernels as you strip them from the cob. All you need to do is to push the Corn Stripper down the length of the corn cob and the kernels are collected in the container which has a 0.5 cup capacity. Now, you can pour the kernels out of the top hole. The Corn Stripper features a convenient non-slip grip so it will be comfortable in your hand. A high quality stainless steel blade makes this Corn Stripper complete. The Corn Stripper can be taken apart for easy cleaning. All parts are dishwasher safe and the stripper has the following dimensions: 4.75” x 2.75” / 12cm x 7cm.

Worth ₱259

Great Sounds Robot Headphones (50% Off!)

Have you seen any headphones as unique as this? It just looks so cool and at a low low price of P399! Stand out from the crowd! Replace your dull headphones! This headphones produces great audio quality from your devices. Go go get one now!

Worth ₱399

Stylish Computer Radiation Protection Eyeglasses (50% Off!)

A practical solution to a long-standing for all you people out there that needs to stare at a computer monitor for a long time. This stylish computer radiation eyeglass protection from Trends n' Deals on sale for only P199! This glasses helps reduce eye strain, dry eyes, and fatigue. Perfect for office workers and gamers alike. More importantly, it helps keeps your eyes safe by blocking any harmful radiation emanating from your computer screens. Go go get one now, while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱399

Totoro Pillow-Blanket (40% Off!)

Perfect for the Hayao Miyazaki fan in you, grab this ultra-adorable Totoro Pillow for yourself or for you loved ones. With size of 150 cm x 90 cm you can turn this from a pillow into a blanket in a few seconds! Very handy indeed! Hygiene is not a concern as it is very easy to wash also! Giving it to your kids is also not a concern because it is very durable and comfortable.

Worth ₱999