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Amazing 6-Port USB Charger (41% Off!)

With everybody owning a cellphone right now, there comes the time when there are too few plugs to charge your cellphone with. This 6-port mobile phone usb charger solves your problems and much more! This device needs only one plug to be able to charge up to 6 mobile phone or other USB-powered devices! No more waiting in line for having your phone charged! Get this one now while supplies lasts! Only P649 this device will save your time and effort!

Worth ₱1,099

Set of 3 Black Crocodile Skin Pattern Bags (45% Off!)

For those who love crocodile skin patterns but just couldn’t bear the thought of killing actual crocodiles for bags, then this is for you! It looks almost the same as actual crocodile leather and has the same durability but is made from faux leather. You can choose from the three bags which one you will use depending on the occasion and the situation, giving you total flexibility over what to bring. What's more, at a low low price of P1099 only, its almost a steal! Get get one now while there are still stocks!

Worth ₱1,999

Set of 4 Cute Blue Bags & Wallet (30% Off!)

We believe there is no single cuter and nicer looking set of bags in the market right now that is also colored powder blue like this one. None. Just one look of it makes you want to get your hands on it and bring it around town already. It also has 2 other smaller matching bags and a wallet. And at 699 pesos only, gives you unbeatable value! Go go get one now!

Worth ₱999

Multi-Functional Traveller's Plug (40% Off!)

This plug is a life-saver for those who travel out of the country, especially those who likes to bring their own gadgets. It enables you to plug your gadgets onto almost all kinds of outlets found in the entire world. It even has two USB ports so you can power your favourite gadgets via USB. It doesn’t matter if the voltage is from 100V to 250V in the country you are visiting as this multi-functional traveller’s plug can serve those voltages.

Worth ₱999