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Safety Bicycle Horn (50% Off!)

Safety is key when you are riding your bicycle, especially in the streets in the Philippines where there are a lot of people and cars. Use this safety bicycle horn to assist you during your journey and honk when there is a need! This item is on sale for only P249! This device uses 9V battery and you only need to tap the button switch for the horn to sound off. It is a very convenient tool to use for you! Go get one now while supplies lasts!

Worth ₱499

Home & Car Dual USB Charger (40% Off!)

Carry only one USB charger wherever you go with this home and car dual USB charger on sale only from Trends n' Deals! P599 only instead of P999! Made from high-quality materials, you can plug this charger into a normal outlet in your home and office. Plug it out and you can insert it in a normal car cigarette lighter outlet, thereby making you more mobile than ever with fewer accessories to bring. You can also plug up to two USB cords into this charger without any problem at all.

Worth ₱999

Pillow That Turns Into Blanket v2 (60% Off!)

Multi-functional items is the key these days. Why have separate items when you can have both for the price of one! Presenting to you a revolutionary new home product that will have you surely excited! The two-in-one pillow that unzips into a blanket! Choose from different cute wholesome designs your family will surely love! Quality and comfort was not sacrificed in the making of this product. It is made from high quality cotton and nice cushion that will make you feel comfortable whether you use it as a pillow or as a nice warm blanket. Size is generous also at 40cm x 40cm as a pillow and 100cm x 150 cm as a blanket. Best of all, it is on sale! P399 only from Trends n' Deals with freebie too!

Worth ₱999

Preventive Child-Lost Wrist Links (46% Off!)

Prevent your child from getting lost! This anti-lost child wrist-link cuffs are designed to help you prevent your child from getting lost especially in a crowd! Are you a mother who need to bring her child to a mall sale? Or you need to commute with your child? Prevent your child from running away to places you do not know when you are outside of your home with this product! This product is made from safe materials for environment and for most skin types known. It has a 360 degree rotating metal link to prevent untoward injury to the child in case the child wants to run away suddenly. However, as in most products, please use this product judiciously as this does not in any way substitute for good parenting. Get one now while supplies are still on sale! P699 only from Trends n' Deals!

Worth ₱1,299