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AutoCool Solar-Powered Car Ventilation System (43% Off!)

Coming back to your car during the day after being away can make you feel like you’re stepping inside an oven about to be baked. Keep your car cool even when left under the sun while you’re away with today's deal: P399 instead of P699 for an AutoCool Solar Powered Car Ventilation System! Let sunlight be a source of power to keep your car cool so you’re always ready to go. AutoCool utilizes solar power to operate a fan to keep the interior of your car cool and fresh. Installation is easy as you only need to roll down your window, place the AutoCool Ventilation System over the window and roll it back up. The solar panels on the outside collect and use the sunlight to run the fan inside the car which allows air to circulate. This cool gadget sucks out the hot air inside your car and replaces it with fresh air from the outside. Keep it cool with this latest offer from Trends N’ Deals and never have another blast of hot air greet you as you open your car door again.

Worth ₱699

Car Vacuum Cleaner (55% Off!)

You don’t call in the cleaning lady each time you spill a drink on the rug or want an immaculately clean house. You do away with her because if you have hands to hold a glass and to get tortilla chips by the fistful, you can very well use them to wield a broom or a vacuum cleaner. Get mad house-cleaning skills with today’s deal: Car Cleaning with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner for P449 instead of P999. Show dust the time of its life not by blowing it away but by sucking it in to join its ilk in the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner’s dust repository. Dust in your car gathers fast because the action of opening and closing doors pulls it in Open Sesame-style, like metal to magnet. Nothing much you can do about that except show them the door in ways available to you, with the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner being the most efficient. Dust isn’t the only thing in the dirt family that you have to contend with. Crumbs, too, and cigarette ash, as well as soda spills, so keep the Portable High-Power Car Vacuum Cleaner handy and stored in your glove compartment. Its specially-designed shape lets you comfortably clean hard to reach areas such as under the car seats. It easily plugs into your car’s lighter receptacle so no need to charge it at home or buy batteries for it.

Worth ₱999

Handy Air Compressor (50% Off!)

Designed for convenient, fast, and easy inflation of high-pressure items such as tires and sporting equipment, this handy air compressor 12-Volt Inflator plugs into your vehicle's car cigarette lighter socket and stores easily in the trunk, so it is always there when you need it. The inflator also comes with two inflation nozzles and one inflation needle for sports balls too! The handy air compressor is a high-volume air pump that operates at a maximum pressure of 260 PSI for fast, reliable results, whether you're inflating a tire or a beach ball. What's more, it's easy to use when you're on the road: simply plug the inflator into any standard 12-volt lighter outlet and you're ready to go. Proper tire inflation saves time, money, and also protects the environment by improving your car's gas mileage. Thankfully, with this air compressor you can keep your tires at optimal pressure -- just use the inflator to pump up car and motorcycle tires, bike and scooter tires, and even wheel barrow tires. And for other inflating jobs, you can use the included inflation needle to pump up basketballs, footballs, volleyballs, and more.

Worth ₱899

Creative DIY Beads Set (65% Off!)

Unleash you and your child’s creative side with this cute beads set from Trends n’ Deals! Each package includes hundreds of different kinds of beads which you can form into different kinds of cute jewelries or design motifs. Wear the cutest rings, or necklaces to school, or show off different bracelets each day with your own design! Each set also comes with its own case where you can organize your beads! Imagination is truly the limit here with this creative beads set all your for a sale price of ₱449 only!

Worth ₱1,300